Video Conferencing

Companies use
video conferencing systems because
they can't afford
not to.

Does video conferencing make sense for your business? How do companies use video conferencing? Is it something you can afford?

Companies don't buy video conferencing systems because they can afford to. They use these systems because they can't afford not to. Video conferencing is way of being there without being there. We can see how people react without having to see a travel agent or an airport. But today, as the cost of video conferencing falls, companies are doing a lot more.

With reduced costs, businesses are using this technology internally, across the local area network, for desktop conferencing. Desktop conferencing makes it easier and less time-consuming for teams to get together and provides documentation often missing from person-to-person conference room meetings.

How about providing video conferencing to your key clients?

Welch Business Systems is a good partner to have if you want to use video conferencing. We know all about cameras, microphones, monitors, interface cards, document readers and meeting software. As networking experts, we can make sure video conferencing integrates properly into your data networks, or has the proper performance across the public networks.

  Check out our Supported Technologies page for technical specifics or contact a Welch Business Systems Account Manager for more information.

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