Marybeth Torpey
Director of Sales

"Quality account management comes from strong product knowledge coupled with dedicated service."
Marybeth Torpey

When we found Marybeth Torpey we knew we had the foundation for delivering a much needed, quality service to our customers.  Marybeth’s concept of sales, based on her fifteen years of sales and marketing experience, centers on bringing two important qualities to her clients: accuracy and responsiveness. 

For Marybeth, accuracy means knowing your exact requirements, and responsiveness means getting them to you before you need them. Taken together, the result is reliability.

But that’s not what her customers like best about Marybeth.  What they enjoy the most is having a one-on-one relationship, somebody that acts as a true partner, becomes part of the team. For Marybeth, that teamwork provides a high level of job satisfaction.


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