Frequently Asked Questions

Should I be concerned about security?

In a word, yes. If you have a computer that is not connected to anything (other computers, the internet…) and never has new programs installed, then security is of minimal concern. This is a rare set of circumstances in modern business. Browsing the internet and receiving e-mail alone represent considerable threats in the form of viruses, worms, and other forms of malicious code. These "hack" programs may only send your e-mail address book to someone to send advertisements to, or they may delete important files across the network.

What should I do to protect myself?

WBS believes in a layered security approach. First, we need to talk about firewalls. If your company or home office is connected to the internet full-time (via T1 or DSL connection) an internet Firewall is highly recommended. These devices are designed to stop would-be hackers from traversing the internet and gaining access to your network, databases, and customer information. WBS recommends devices that are hardware based, fast, and invisible to the user. Be weary of software based firewalls that are less secure and slow down PC operations.

I'm not a bank, is this really necessary?

Yes. Hackers don't just go after banks. Some see where they can go and what mischief they can initiate just for fun. Others will place a small program on the computers of many un-suspecting home or office users. These programs can be designed to "attack" a pre-defined location at a specific time, making it nearly impossible to determine who initiated the attack.

WBS has firewall offerings that can fit the budget of a home user, or the complex needs of an enterprise network.

Is a firewall enough to solve all of my security problems?

No. A firewall stops many known "attacks". High-quality firewalls can also be updated when new attacks are developed and need to be protected against. This is good, but some types of traffic will be allowed to go through the firewall. E-mail will be allowed through, for example. Also, users will be browsing the internet (HTTP traffic) and perhaps downloading files (FTP traffic), to name a few. These are common ways for viruses to be introduced to the network.

WBS offers software that resides on all workstations to stop viruses. New types of malicious code ("worms", for example) may not be detected by anti-virus software. WBS offers software that can stop these types of attacks as well.

Can I telecommute from home?

Yes. We can set up your home system to perform as if it were at your office, with the same access to applications, files - even printers. Your data security is protected by creating a Virtual Private Network (VPN) from your home through the corporate firewall. We also recommend a local firewall at your home. It is also possible to configure your system so employees have access to some of the resources, but not all, further protecting your information.

Why should I buy workstations or servers from you rather than "direct" from the manufacturer? Won't I pay more?

Manufacturers usually offer additional discounts to us so we can offer their products at same price as direct, sometimes even less. Unlike a single manufacturer, we can offer a variety of solutions and have a reason (we want you to be a long term client) to make sure you get the system that is best for you. All you have to do is make a call.

Why should I pay for "preventive maintenance"? Why not just call when it breaks?

The only real reason to buy Preventive Maintenance (PM) is when it is clear that PM reduces your total or ultimate cost. When you wait until something breaks you have increased cost in two areas. First, you have an idle resource until an engineer can be dispatched to your site. Secondly, you may lose data when the failure occurs.

Server "crashes" cost a lot more than workstation failures - after all, many people, even your entire operation, can be idled by a server failure. Workstations crashes can be very costly too, especially if they idle senior employees or machinery.

How often should I plan on replacing my computers?

We think it's smart to budget for replacement every three years. However, when you should actually spend the money is dependent on your particular needs, as well as the rate of development in the overall industry. Eventually, your older systems either will not run newer applications or the cost of support makes keeping them impractical.

How do I protect my business from being down due to power failure?

We believe every server should be protected by an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) which continues to provide power long enough to elegantly close your systems and protect your data. These systems are very reliable and surprisingly inexpensive. We also believe in regular data backups.

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